Grande Fox interview: "Our vision is above all!"

Hello guys, welcome Grande Fox from Greece, how long you have been active?

Hello, thank you for this opportunity to talk with you and for the support. Well, the band was founded in Thessaloniki in 2013. So that means we are active in the music underground scene for 8 years.

Who are the band members today?

The Band Members today are:
Nick Berza : frontman – vocals
Zao Lefteris – Guitar
George Chaikas – Bass
Dimitris Loukas – Drums

A new album “Empty Nest” was released this year, tell us more about the album Our new Album was released on February 2021. It consists of eleven tracks which were recorded at Blueberry Productions in Thessaloniki and mixed and mastered by the well-known Marcos Rodriguez (Rage). 
‘’Empty Nest’’ Is a full complete project from all aspects made by Grande Fox. Music, lyrics, artwork, photographs, cinematography and anything else coming to your mind. The main features you will find on ‘’Empty Nest’’ are rage, aggressive atmosphere, heavy riffs and lyrics, written by Nick, which hide lots of meanings about the situation and the trajectory of our world and society today. It is also worth noting that all the optical material and artwork you see is a result due to the hard work of our guitarist Zao. Finally, this Album clearly shows our concern about the society and wants to send an awakening message to anyone who cares, worries and want to see the world change in a positive way. 

Who is responsible writing the music and song lyrics?

Our music is something that comes out after lots of experimentation and ideas we are trying to develop, always based on how we feel and express ourselves. However, the composition for the most part is done by our guitarist Zao. Now, as regards song lyrics, the man who is exclusively responsible for that part is our frontman Nick. He has an impressive talent for capturing his feelings, his concerns and thoughts on paper with great ease. 

Your songs hide messages, can you give us some reasons and explain some messages?

We don’t write something which will not have any place on a song in terms of the meaningful. All these words coming out of our souls, express our feelings, express all these things that torments us. We always want there to be a meaning, to write something that will concern and we also hope it will awaken. A typical example of that is the song "Hangman" in which we have released a very interesting lyrics video. In this song you will find some lyrics such as  
"Rotten Beliefs and Propaganda, Manipulation and then for Slaughter"
"Don’t speak just bend the knee for it is, The Νew World Order"
"Cause I was enslaved and now I’m dying free"
That shows this anger and sensitivity and also direct messages of awakening on phrases such as "Please open your eyes, you got to see all these lies. Brother listen to me, you gotta fight back with your life". They are stealing our lives. They tighten our noose and we suffocate. Rotten beliefs, Propaganda. We filled the slaughterhouses of souls.  Persecution of freedom of speech, collapse of all dignity and provoking pain by any means. They want us as slaves. The Hangman is brought out of life, through the truth we all experience. 

What feedback do you get from your audience?

The feedback we have received so far is very positive. People find our music very special and their thoughts as they convey them to us are very honorable. We also have lots of airplays on radio shows from all over the world and we’ve received such a great reviews from well-known magazines and websites that we can only be very happy. 

Are you pleased with the final outcome?

Yes we are very pleased. Surely there is always room for improvement. Seeing the result, there is always thing you say you could have done it in a better way. We want to constantly improve. We keep the good and the bad things because these are the ones that will take us one step further.
How many albums or singles you released as a band?

We have released four completed projects so far. Our debut LP Album called ‘’Space Nest’’ which was released in 2016. Since then and as we come to today, we have released three more projects. An EP Album entitled ‘’Kulning’’, a single called ‘’Documento’’ and the latest LP Album ‘’Empty Nest’’ which we released the previous February. 

Which album is your favorite and why?
We can not choose one. You know, each of them has its own special meaning and has a special place in our heart as well. For us all four are equally important and show the identity our band has. 

Are you following your social media regularly utilize to build fan loyalty and interaction?

We are very active and spend many hours every day on social media. This is also a part of our work. It is the means by which people watch and learn the band’s news and interact. Social Media is essentially the showcase of the band. We share various posts on a daily basis such as interviews, reviews, websites and radios that support us etc. Interaction is very important and we love interacting with friends, partners and fans. Anyone who wants to send us a message on any subject, do not hesitate. We will be very happy to contact him and we will reply as soon as possible. 

Is your passion for music and success greater than your ego?

Of course it is! The word ‘ego’ doesn’t exist in our band. We think, we discuss and sometimes we disagree. It makes sense when four different characters coexist. But we always make decisions thinking the good of the band. The golden ratio always has to do with what will be positive and will benefit our group. Our vision is above all!

What is your opinion about the music industry after the pandemic?

The Music Industry has been hit hard by the Pandemic these two years. It’s an extremely difficult period for all people and for all bands. We watch the festivals and the bands tours being cancelled or postponed constantly. This of course happened to us with some of our lives that were postponed. It’s very sad if you also consider how many people work, live and have income from music every day. But this is the moment we all have to support the industry and whoever is in it, in every way. Thus, once we leave this situation behind, we will be able to enjoy stages, live shows and festivals again. We believe this will not be long in coming.

Where would you like to find yourself in ten years?

We would like to find ourselves travelling all around the world, sharing the stages with some big and remarkable bands and interacting with our fans at every opportunity given to us. We really want to be able to show our love for what we do and have our music heard in every corner of the world. 

Tell us about your next moves!

Our next moves... First of all we are preparing some interesting visual material (video clips, lyrics video) that you will be able to watch very soon. Apart from that, we are about to book some live shows for 2022 mainly in Greece but not only. Finally, our biggest and most important next goal is a European tour. We make some discussions and we think we will have news soon. Stay tuned! 
Thank you for sharing with us your news!

Thank you too! We hope to meet you sometime and up close. 


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