DESERT NEAR THE END: “Of Fire And Stars” (Total Metal Records, 22 March 2019)

Power/Thrash Metal is a very special and demanding music style. As such, it requires special abilities, knowledge and experience in order to be performed the right way. Desert Near the End from Athens, Greece are definitely on the right track, they have all the above characteristics, and here with their 4th full length album they place themselves on the top places of the global Power/Thrash Metal scene. We wouldn’t expect anything less from a band with more than 10 years in the underground, with solid releases in their back catalogue and very professional works. 

Desert Near the End are in excellent shape once again on “Of Fire and Stars”. With this album, they released an absolutely professional work and set their standards even higher for the future.

The album includes 9 tracks, all coming out with Desert Near the End’s signature sound which underlines their identity. The songwriting has roots in the 90’s thrash and death metal scenes, but it is presented not in a nostalgic way, but on the contrary totally fresh. 

Desert Near the End have a very strong sense of melody. So, their riffs, as huge and heavy as they may be, they always serve the melodic line of the song. The vocals convince with their harsh edges and sharpness, yet remaining deep and to the point. The drums are relentless and the bass gives excellent themes supporting both the melodies of the songs and the rhythmic parts of the drums. 

The production is fresh, modern, but not plastic. This means that you will not listen to a retro 90’s production here, but to a modern production that respects the classic metal productions of the 90’s who seem to be in the band’s basic influences.

The cover artwork is majestic. It is one of those pieces of art you want to get the album in vinyl for and just gaze at it while listening to the record…

“Of Fire and Stars” is a fantastic release from Desert Near the End. It is a great example of how modern extreme metal songwriting and production have to be. It is absolutely balanced. It is an album you will not just listen to once, but you will rather come back to. Bottom line, it is a great choice for fans of the extreme metal and for fans of all genres from Heavy and Thrash up to Death Metal!

1. A World Beyond
2. The Call of the Stars
3. ‎Light Long Dead
4. Across the Desert
5. Earth and Water
6. ‎The Highest Hill
7. Throne of Martyrdom
8. The Final Frontier
9. Of Fire and Stars


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