VERITAS: “Threads of Fatality” (26 August 2020, Veritas Rocks LLC)

from Kansas, USA, have released their first full length album “Threads of Fatality”. The core of the band’s sound belongs to the 80’s Heavy/Power Metal and I believe in bands like Queensryche, Dokken, Raven and Riot. They have an unusually broadened spectrum of influences, all of which have been really well worked out to fit their own style. So, please don’t expect here an imitating band, but a band with personality instead. 

The progressive elements Veritas use in their music are absolutely comprehensible. Some of their songs flirt with Hard Rock, FM Rock and AOR. They are really melodic and some of them could even be described as radio friendly songs. One of these songs would be “Say Goodbye” for sure. So, what I mean is that you don’t just get a Heavy/Power Metal album here, but a variety of different influences and music colors and styles all put down to one!

The guitarist Greg Wenk recruited for Veritas one of the greatest Metal drummers in the history of Heavy Metal: Mark Zonder. Of course, Mark Zonder’s work and unique style are well known to all metal fans worldwide from his countless works. I am pretty sure fans of records like “Parallels” of Fates Warning will enjoy his work for “Threads of Fatality”. 

Denny Anthony was recruited to handle the vocal duties and he really did an exceptional job. Imagine a Geoff Tate (Queensryche) and Rob Halford (Judas Priest) mix but really melodic. I think Denny makes a great addition for the band and he is one of the coolest singers I’ve come across in this style.

On the bass, Geno Alberico is doing a fantastic job for the band’s rhythm section along with the master Mark Zonder. They both create the right grooves for every song. And Greg Wenk proves himself to be a great guitar player. I really enjoyed the way he focuses on his songwriting (he writes the most, if not all, of the music for Veritas) and he remains melodic but also heavy and aggressive, balancing from classic rock and hard rock up to power metal and thrash/speed metal standards. I really dig the way he focuses on what’s important for each song and remains away from showing off.

Top picks of the album are definitely the singles “Starlight” and “Love and Burn”, and then the ballad “Say Goodbye”, and the rockers “Far Away”, “Morbid Stale”, “Moments of the Day” and “Eyes of the Blind”. But “Threads of Fatality is a very good album in its entirety. I suggest you enjoy it as a whole. There are many good reasons to buy the album. The best I know is the really good music that has been recorded in there! Check it out for sure!


1. Prelude to the Sacrament  
2. Frail  
3. Love and Burn  
4. Far Away
5. Morbid Stale
6. Fates Warning
7. Say Goodbye
8. Moments of the Day
9. Starlight  
10. Eyes of the Blind  
11. Dying to Live  
12. Sludge  
13. Masquerade  
14. If It's Over  

Band Line-Up:
Denny Anthony-vocals
Greg Wenk-guitar
Geno Alberico-bass
Mark Zonder-drums


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  1. Wow! I'm humbled by this review. When grunge happened, it became difficult for me to find vocalists with range and melodic passion like Fates Warning, Queensryche, Helloween, Iron Maiden, and Journey.

    It became about a cheap sound and not so much about talent and conveying the Soul in a skillful manner. That's why I try to sing the stuff I would want to hear.

    Thanks again for the killer review! :O