Necrofilia: "Metal is good for health!"

We chose the song "Welcome to the Show" by Necrofilia from San Marino to participate in our MetalVision. Reading the comments under the music video, we found this:
"Necrofilia sul palco dell'Eurovisione ???  Abbiamo adorato AWS dell'Ungheria."
Coincidences exist :)! Zazzi answered some questions.

How was the band formed? Which bands inspired you the most?

The band was born in 1996, in San Marino, we were four young people with the desire to play heavy metal. We listened all metal, our favorite bands hands were Slayer Megadeth Death Paradise Lost...

How did the band get its name? 

We were looking for a name that would imprint and never forget, and NECROFILIA seemed perfect. 

The band has existed since 1996. What motivates you, what keeps you on this path? 

We have been playing together for 24 years, so in addition to passion there is a great union between us. 

How does the songwriting process take place? At home, digitally or traditionally "let's sit together bringing themes and we will see the result"? 

It all starts in the rehearsal room. Usually someone comes up with the idea of a new song, then we finish it all together. 

You mention in your biography, you are the only metal band active in San Marino. What could be the reason why there are no more metal bands in your country?

In San Marino there are bands, but they are formed and last just over a year . I think many have lost the true meaning of what a band is.

Can you live making music or does everyone have a job? 

No, everyone has another job.

Tell us your most favorite live experience as a fan and a musician! 

The most beautiful concert I attended? I don't know I've seen many, Slayer, Ramones, Megadeth, Motley Crue...
Our most beautiful live, instead I think it was in 2001, we played in Rome with Di’Anno and there were many people.

What effect does the coronavirus pandemic have on the band?

For safety we have canceled all the concerts of this year. We will take advantage to write new material. 

Do you have any plan for the band's 25th anniversary next year? 

We haven't thought about it, but I think it's a good idea to do something special.

How do you spend your free time? 

Usual things, I'm with my family, I do some sport and I drink a lot of beer! 

Finally, what is your message for fans? 

We thank those who already listen to us, and thanks also to those who will begin to listen to us.
Metal is good for health!

Thank you for your time!


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