BLOODY SADISM interview: "I always wanted to do something new..." - Pooyan Ahmadi

The Iranian Bloody Sadism is a one-man band founded by Pooyan Ahmadi. The debut album "Eloquent Atrocity" was released in 2019.  Let's get to know with this versatile musician!

Bloody Sadism is a one-man band. Why did you decide to make music alone? Have you ever thought of gathering more members to this project? 

I rather to be alone and do everything by myself . Also I like to have my own territory without any comrade. I don't like to change my opinion in many different issues. You know, I believe in my lyrics themes and I think if you don't like the lyrics and the basics, you won't enjoy the music. Maybe I'll be forced to invite musicians for live shows but I like to be alone for the shows either. More...

NECROFILIA interview: "Metal is good for health!"

We chose the song "Welcome to the Show" by Necrofilia from San Marino to participate in our MetalVision. Reading the comments under the music video, we found this:
"Necrofilia sul palco dell'Eurovisione ???  Abbiamo adorato AWS dell'Ungheria."
Coincidences exist :)! Zazzi answered some questions.

How was the band formed? Which bands inspired you the most?

The band was born in 1996, in San Marino, we were four young people with the desire to play heavy metal. We listened all metal, our favorite bands hands were Slayer Megadeth Death Paradise Lost... More...

JOHAN CARLÉN interview: "You have to feel that the people behind it really wanted to make that film and tell that story."

The Swedish band Avatar's film Legend Of Avatar Country: A Metal Odyssey made by Johan Carlén was released recently. In our opinion, his work also contributed to making the band more successful. Well, let's get to know this talented photographer / filmmaker better!

When did you decide to become a photographer?

I got introduced to photography and filming at the age of 13 in an art class I had in school during 7-9th grade. When I was 16 I did my first still photo work for my town’s local newspaper, and I think you can say that it was there that I made the decision to try to make a career out of it. During this time I shot band photos and did album covers for local bands in my hometown, so the creative music part of my work was already in place. I shot some stuff for a local metal band called Eternal Autumn for their album The Storm (it’s on Spotify and check out the song Moonscape). More...

CONFESS interview: "I don't need permission from anybody, anywhere to make and perform my art!" - Nikan "Siyanor" Khosravi"

Since, both of us like Avatar, we follow what happens around them. Johannes has drawn the fans' attention to the Iranian Confess and the band's story that is quite shocking from the Western point of view. After cheking their songs, it turned out, we found a really good band. And getting to know their background story, a huge respect to them for not giving up. We asked the motor of the band, Nikan about the past, the present and the future.

The band's name is Confess. Actually, what would you like to confess?

That there is a problem with the way the world is today! The way that governments are running it and majority of people are supporting these maniacs who calling themselves "The Leaders Of The World!"... We are supporting their policies either intentionally or by our silence! And there are many things that have taken our tools, like religion, media, fascism, capitalism and... This is what needs to be confessed the most! More...

CRASHDÏET interview: "We’re really pumped about this album and of course to play the songs live!"

After six years, the Swedish sleaze metal band Crashdïet's new album with their new vocalist Gabriel Keyes will be released on 13th September. Let's see what happened anno, what happened during this break and by the resart.

Let's go back to the time a bit. In 2015, many fans and we think, you were also surprised when Simon had left the band in a strange way. Do you know yet, what was the real reason of it? Since then, have you talked to him about it?

Martin: Well, looking back at it, we’ve realized that Simon wasn’t in his best shape during that period and there was quite some tension in the band that year. But we blindly went on with the show and went to Tokyo for two shows. As everyone know by now, Simon went home to Sweden after the first show so we had to get up on stage as a trio. Yes we hade a meeting after coming home from Japan, but it was clear that Simon had moved on. He didn’t want anything with CRASHDÏET to do, or even Simon Cruz. That’s when we parted ways. More...

Interview with Johannes Eckerström (Avatar)

We had an opportunity to do an interview with Johannes before Avatar's gig at A38, Budapest, on 4th February 2019.

BEAST IN BLACK interview: "I believe our new album and our first headliner tour will take us to another level." - Mate Molnar

We asked Mate Molnar after a successful tour with Nightwish and before the second Beast In Black album and their first headline tour.

The band's name was inspired by the manga/anime Berserk. Does this name refer to the main character Guts whose manifestation of his inner darkness is the Beast of Darkness?

Yes. When we tried to figure out a good band name (which is an almost impossible mission nowadays) Anton once came up with this great idea. He is a huge fan of Berserk and he wanted to tell it in the name of the band too. But with the word “Beast” it also refers to Anton’s previous band where he wrote all the songs before he quit. Later, but still in the very beginning, we were hesitating to skip this name to not to have any connections with his past but we kept it finally. And I think it was a good decision :). More...

Hungarian version!

OCEANHOARSE interview: "Oceanhoarse is the most collaborative band I've ever been a part of." - Ben Varon

I have known Ben since years, when he played with Amoral and I think, he is a great musician as well as a great guy. So, I followed his work with great interest. That led me to hear about his new band Oceanhoarse. Then I showed this band to my blogmate who also became a fan. So we asked some questions from Ben about the end of Amoral and his new band.

An important period of your life ended on 5th January, 2017. Amoral split up after 20 years. What did you think when you said goodbye to the fans at Tavastia?

It was a very weird day for me all around, for sure. I can't remember exactly what was going through my head at the very end of the show, but I'm pretty sure it was a mixture of melancholy, relief and joy as well. Leaving something as important as Amoral behind after 20 years was not an easy decision, but at the same time, it was such a joy to see all those people coming to support us from all over the world for that one final show, and to share the stage with the guys one last time. But it was definitely the right decision, as it was time for something new. More...

Hungarian version!

THE 69 EYES interview: Little interview with Jyrki (The 69 Eyes) [by email] - Rockpolis Media, 2008

What do you think, why some fans are not so keen on the glam elements although you began as a glam/sleaze band? It seems like only the more goth side of you exists for them.
- It's all the same as long as they still come to see our shows! The 69 Eyes remains the same.

Which concerts do you prefer: playing in smaller clubs or at festivals?
- After the festival season, I still would like it to go on! It's fresh to play outdoors, haha... But in the club the band is totally responsible for creating the atmosphere and that's fantastic when the climax is reached!

Devils and Angels had a conception. Do you have plans for the next album?
- The next album is all about the vampires! More...

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