Avatar: Hunter Gatherer (eOne, 2020)
Author: SW

The latest album of the Swedish band Avatar was released when an epidemic has been plaguing the world, there are many protests in a lot of countries, natural disasters decimate the wildlife... Thematically, this very serious material connects with these events very well. The title Hunter Gatherer evokes hunter-gatherer societies, but the album draws attention to factors that affect modern societies.

Listening to the first two songs (Silence In The Age Of Apes, Colossus), movies popped up in my mind like Terminator, Alien, Saturn 3, Westworld... It is an interesting topic. A modern creation story is played, in which humankind considers itself God and it shapes its creatures (for example robots) into its own image.  More...

Devil Crusade: Mental Breach (2020)

Devil Crusade from Bologna was founded in 2014. Their self-titled EP was released in 2017. The band's first full-lenght CD Mental Breach came out this year. Let's see what this material holds.

The opening Mental Breach starts with an idyllic image. But it disappears and a train of thought comes with dark music telling us about the hypocrisy of the Church. Raperiest digs into the scandals of the Church more deeper. How many news have been about rapes  committed by priests, yet? The band do not hesitate to tell us their opinion on it. I am sure, the fast guitar lead makes people move their bodies in the show. If someone made a movie about the following song, there would be written "based on a true story" in the beginning of the movie. More...

Crashdïet: Rust (2019)
Author: SW

Luckily, since the MP-NE is not really a so called music magazine, but rather a blog, I can be subjective.

I discovered Crashdïet around the "Generation Wild" era, while I was searching for new bands on YouTube. I was captured by the youthful energy of their melodic but heavy music, that reminded me of my favorite bands (Skid Row, G N' R, Spread Eagle, Every Mother's Nightmare...) from the 90s. Anyway, they are still around in some way. Then Simon left the band. Well, I was frigthened that one of my favorite bands had gone, but it gave me some hope, that the rest members remained active. More...

Insane Driver
Author: H.Kriszti

After a stormy Saturday night, on a quiet Sunday morning, I chose to listen to the album by Insane Driver, while I was sitting in the garden watching the drift of the clouds in the sky. Peace, calm, good music. The band's debut album was perfect for this mood.

The Brazilian band was founded in 2013, their self-titled album was released three years ago. In their own words, their cocktail contains Heavy Metal, Metalcore and a little Post Grunge.

The soft melody of the intro 'Endless Path' is closed by the sounds of a car crash which leads to the first song 'The Edge of Life'. More...

Avatar: The King Live In Paris (eOne, 2019)
Author: SW


The prisoners:
Johannes Eckerström, Jonas 'Kungen' Jarlsby, Henrik Sandelin, John Alfredsson, Tim Öhrström

The name of the gang:: Avatar

Latest crime:
It is known as 'The King Live In Paris'. The place and the time of the crime was the Download festival in Paris in 2018.

The description of the crime:
After the French greeting, A Statue Of The King opened the set which payed tribute to the King. The sounds of fanfare made the event more festive. What happened during this time? A witness immortalized this moment. It was followed by a neck muscle gym thanks to the song Let It Burn. More...

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